Olu Adeyemo


I am a programmer and futurist, with background in medicine from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. The theories of things fascinate me, I am awed by the complexities that hide in the beauty and simplicity of nature. So, I find myself thinking, and scribbling down nonsense so as to explain this to myself and others...

On Programming

I am a programmer with interest in JavaScript, NodeJS, PHP, C and Python. I do not believe one language is better, I just find myself using these languages in my everyday projects.

On Medicine

I am interested in how technology might advance medicine. Developments and applications of medical robotics and artificial intelligence

About the Future

Okay so I believe, perhaps as much as you do that technology is driving our future. I am interested in how we might get there.

I currently work as a programmer at Cyclobold and Shedrak with other amazing programmers.

I also work as course developer and code instructor at The Kids Innovation Hub of the Destiny Trust Centre.

Books I am Reading

Stephen Hawkings

A Brief History of Time

A book that covers what time is, and the theories that explain how we got here.
Dr Joe Fitzgibbon

Could it be an Allergy?

A book that dives deeply into allergic reactions and why people might often miss them.

What intrigues me

The Creation Process, Evolution and Biology

On whether there is a God or not, whether we came into being from a big bang or not. I believe in the creation process, but then, the intricacies behind this process are what intrigue me. How evolution took place. Perhaps, the entire process was bigger and deeper than what Charles Darwin might think. I guess I am right

Machines, Machine Languages and Singularity

How machines work, how we borrow ideas from nature to create what might replace us in future. Whether our current knowledge of creating machines might change in future. And the mathematics of working all these out.

The Conscious State

At what point did we become aware? This subject might just be the key to how we got here and what our role is in the entire cosmos.


Application Projects

Currently working on Shedrak application
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